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Pandit Raju Ji is an internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer

He Checks Your Horoscope through his knowledge of Vedic Astrology. He integrates modern scientific knowledge like aura scanning with the ancient writings in his practice.

  • He specializes in Vedic astrology , gemmology. He has constantly served the people for years by helping them solve their problems astrologically. such in depth knowledge and expertise has led him to have clients from different countries across the world. He feels that Astrology should be used as a self development tool to achieve the inner talent every human being possesses and with the right use of this divine science will help to achieve the best in one’s life.
  • He uses scientific methods in astrology which has proved to be very accurate. His predictions are based on The Strength of the planets, Degrees of the Planets, Dasa  Bukthi , Conjunctions, Doshas and Yogas.
  • Sushil Kumar Singh is a Times of India panel renowned astrologer who is famous for his accurate predictions for various important events in recent world history. Given his reputation, he has won international acclaim as a Vedic Astrologer. With over two decades of experience, his predictions have changed the fate for many celebrities and movie stars. He has not only guided them onto the right path but also change their destiny.
  • With his thorough expertise, he can solve any problem related to business, career, family, money, education etc. in an individual’s life. He not only predicts his client’s future but also counsels them with Vedic astrology techniques.  
  • He is also doing research based on self study and experience gained from his everyday predictions especially on character analysis and in choosing a Right career. Her tendency in helping people has made him a favorite among his clients. He feels that one must consult an astrologer to plan the career of the child. Astrology can definitely find the inner strength of the child wherein he can tilt the scale in a particular field as an engineer, doctor, advocate, Singer, an actor etc.
  • He specializes in Love and Relationship Astrology, Political Astrology, Career Astrology and Business And Money Astrology.

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